Special Birthday Wishes

99 turns 11 years old today.  Here is to 11 more!

Special thanks to mom for making the extra special homemade birthday cake!  She shared it with all her basset friends.  That's how 99 rolls.

Take some time to enjoy it 99.  You deserve it.



Halloween is all about eating your weight in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  And posing with your step sister just long enough to get some birthday cake.


The Great Pumpkin

My grandfather said to me once, "Mickey, there are two kinds of people on this earth.  Those with limbs, and fish."

I'm not really sure what that meant.  Perhaps Georgie boy here can give me some insight.


Probably not... He doesn't seem too interested in deep thoughts today.


Fall is here

Kaos comes out and ponder the meaning of Halloween time.  Basically, its just awesome to have lots of stuff lambasted with pumpkin spice.



Fall is coming!

Fall is finally coming to central Iowa.  And you know what that means?  Yes, bassets in football jerseys and pictures of Buckeye garden gnomes.

Until then, here is a quick shot of a couple of bassets getting ready to enjoy some football!



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