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A Tribute to Bob

The basset world lost one of its greatest ambassadors on February 21, 2012, as Ch Olde Fashion Magnificent Obsession, aka 'Bob' has passed from our world.  My dearest heartfelt sympathies go out to anyone with the priviledge of meeting Bob, especially Jane and Tom.

I know there is nothing I can say to ease their pain. What I can say is that they were so freaking lucky to get to enjoy Bob on an every day basis, and Bob was so lucky himself to be so well loved and cared for his entire life. 

Bob was the sire to my first Olde Fashion basset, Rico.  In 2005 I began emailing Jane constantly about what the dad looked like and if she had any pictures of him from the front, since the only photos Jane had on her website of Bob were from the side (aka "stacked".) I remember receiving this picture like it was yesterday.

Now THAT is a good looking basset hound.  :)

With each and every visit to Jane's Bob was always front and center.  His nickname was 'Big Jump Bob,' since he jumped into any available lap, regardless of location.  60 pounds of love, right Sue?

I always loved taking pictures of Bob.  He was just so sweet, so gentle, and everything you wanted in a hound.  Plus he had those eyebrows that looked like an old man!

As Bob got older it was harder for him to jump.  Big Jump Bob became Big Love Bob over the last coule of years.  But he was always the first dog I looked for upon a visit to Jane's.  He was everything you wanted in a hound, the deep sorrowful eyes, the sweet disposition, and complete gentle nature that are the backbone of the breed.  Bob had it in spades.

Sleep peacefully Bob. 

And thank you Jane for letting me get to know the Big Jump.  :)