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8 is Enough!

Venus turned 8 in April, as I am sure most of you know from that mass emailing of her Amazon wish list she tried to sneak past your spam filters.  I'm beginning to think getting her that Paw Pilot was a bad idea.

Photographing Venus this close to food is typically an exercise in futility.  This proved to be no exception.


Not very bright

I told Venus before she went outside not to eat any snow.  When she came traipsing back inside I asked if she obeyed my commands, to which she denied eating snow.

When will she learn?


More Christmas!

A couple more:


Do not open til Christmas

The girls went to Grandma's house for a couple of days.  I had to wake them up from a 24 hour nap to snap a few Christmas photos:


Snow is en route!

Perhaps we will be getting a white Christmas after all with a forecast of 5-8 inches of snow to hit central Iowa tomorrow.  Bassets are built for snow with their long legs and leisurely gait.  Knowing I can just hook the car up to Venus and have her pull me to work in these conditions is priceless.  A true piece of mind!

Hey Venus, are you ready to go to work?




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