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Stories with Georgie

The Innocent Bystanders

When there is a birthday celebration you can always count on a couple of stragglers whining about cake.

Well, 99 wasn't whining.  But she sure looks hungry.  George on the other hand was whining all day.  I think it's because my mother never disciplines him.



Halloween is all about eating your weight in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  And posing with your step sister just long enough to get some birthday cake.


The Great Pumpkin

My grandfather said to me once, "Mickey, there are two kinds of people on this earth.  Those with limbs, and fish."

I'm not really sure what that meant.  Perhaps Georgie boy here can give me some insight.


Probably not... He doesn't seem too interested in deep thoughts today.


Georgie and his sisters

At the Mecca Georgie was reunited with his two sisters from different litters.  Here he is with Gemma and Prada:


Here he is with just Prada:


One Year

Georgie Boy, Easter 2011:

Georgie Boy, Easter 2012:

He still looks really smart doesn't he?  He's basically the same dog now as he was last year, except now he wants to grow a mustache and get some tats.

They grow up so fast.



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