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Reasons to grace yourself with the presence of a Basset Hound

I am considered a basset expert in many parts of the country.  While I do not hold a doctorate in veterinary medicine, never judged a basset hound conformation show, nor stayed at a Holiday Inn Express I can assure anyone reading this that I am indeed an expert in the subject matter.  Need Proof?  Here's a birthday shot from my house:


(99's 8th Birthday)


Perhaps you are unaware of the many reasons one should choose a basset hound as a family member.  Oh sure there are the traditional reasons why these hounds make great pets:

  • sweet, gentle disposition
  • great with kids
  • short coat doesn't need a lot of maintenance
  • It's my understanding they even make great rabbit hunters but since my supermarket has plenty of food on its shelves I have no need to test this

All that stuff is well and good, but there are other less known reasons you might consider making your house a basset dwelling.


1. No Games of "Chase Me Beat Me"

How many times have you had a dog that flies out the front door like a gazelle on performance enhancing drugs as soon as there is a hint of daylight, as if the dog had been planning his escape from your domain since the day he was born?  Of course this always happens when you are running late for a meeting, or have some other important task that needs addressed. You swear on everything Holy that when you catch the dog you will beat the living #&^@ out of him, but you know arent going to catch them. 

You try to outsmart the dog by getting in your car and pretending you are heading out for McDonald's cheeseburgers if they just jump in the back seat.  You organize search parties and put flyers all over the neighborhood while your dog hangs out with his doggie friends making fun of you...


Not with the basset hound.  The outdoors is too far from the kitchen.  Running out there would just be silly.


(Hey Venus!  What about a quick game of chase me beat me??)


2. The 'Awwwwwwww' Factor



Walk down the street with a basset hound and everyone and their brother will give you the "Awwwwww, a Basset Hound!  My grandma used to have one!!"  Smiles all around.  The world is happy.


That never happens with a pit bull.  If your grandmother owns a pitbull then you are probably in prison right now and probably shouldn't have a dog.




3. The Limbo Ringer


If you go on vacation to one of those places that puts umbrellas in their drinks then a game of limbo is envariably going to break out.  Cliche perhaps, but when in Rome... Anyhoo, just before the game starts see if you can find someone willing to put a little "sweet action" on the upcoming tournament.  At the last second fake an injury and have your basset hound take your place. 


(how low can you go??)


4. Brooms are expensive


If there is any food in the house below knee level the basset will find it.  I have two Swiffers with four feet.


5. Watch Dog


Bassets make great watch dogs.  I pity the robber that comes in the middle of the night and tries to haul something heavy out of your home and trips over the sleeping hound.  Painful!


(Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!)