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Kaos turns 5

Kaos turns 5 on May 6, so we always celebrate her birthday with Venus to kind of "class it up" a little bit. And with a face like this, you see what I mean by 'classin it up'

Unlike Venus who just wants to selfishly go to ChuckECheez and spend all her daddy's hard earned money for her birthday, Kaos wants to get together with her mom and make a day out of it...  So I present the three amigos!


And where do bassets go when they want to be noticed?  LaserTag!


but LaserTag was closed so we just went to PETCO instead.  They have things to eat there, so it was all good.


Being a basset hound is hard work.  You have to give back to the little people who love and admire you.


Kaos and Venus share their cake


Happy Birthday Kaos!!