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The Basset Mecca

In 2004 I needed another basset hound after the untimely passing of a great family pet named Woody.  Woody had long legs and a really wrinkled face but I never held it against him.  He was a Shar Pei after all:

By this time the "internet" was out there (don't worry if you haven't heard of it, its just a fad,) which meant you could search online for dogs instead of just checking your local paper in hopes someone in the area was breeding/selling the kind of pooch you were looking to add to your family. This was great since most of the people in my neighborhood were certifiably insane, why would I want a dog from these people?  So I Googled up 'basset hounds' and started researching like I was working on a doctoral thesis.  Eventually I came to:

When I first saw photos of that place I said to myself, "Sweet Fancy Moses, it's the Basset Mecca!" The name has stuck ever since.

Jane and Tom Baetz breed the best bassets on the planet.  They are big boned, long eared, short legged, even tempered, and best of all extremely loving dogs.  You just can't look at one of these dogs and smile, which is the perfect end to any workday.  After some correspondence with Jane I eventually made the trip to Wisconsin to pickup Rico, my first basset from Olde Fashion.



I still frequent The Basset Mecca a couple of times a year to catch up with Jane and the rest of her hounds.  She always throws a Margaritaville Paw-ty in the summer during one of the local dog shows. She sometimes plays fancy maracas for a local Air Supply cover band:


When you go to the Margaritaville party you get a chance to eat in front of basset hounds, which kind of makes you wonder if you are being watched:

You can also have a margarita if you like.  Here my mother had her first margarita ever, and I had my 23,457th Corona:

I highly recommend anyone considering adding a basset to their family to try a hound from Olde Fashion.  Head on over to the oldefashion website and browse the forums:

Maybe one of these days you will be at a Margaritaville party with us and get to enjoy these special lap dogs: