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About the Basset Lounge

As a visitor to the bassetlounge I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Who is this person behind the camera, and why did he start a photo blog dedicated to basset hounds?"

It's quite simple really.  This website allows me to join two of my favorite things on Earth: Beer and Western India Folk Dancing.
Oops, wrong website..

What were we talking about again?  Oh ya, the bassetlounge.

My name is Mickey Brown and I live in Des Moines, Iowa.  Des Moines is a major center for insurance, financial services, publishing, and basset hounds!! 

Polk County Courthouse


Des Moines is home to fine many scultpures:

Fine ass sculptures


Des Moines is the capital of Iowa:



I have two basset hounds, Venus and 99:

My mother also lives in Des Moines and she has two bassets herself, Kaos and Georgie.

I finally got a digital SLR camera in 2011 and I thought to myself, "Hey, start a photoblog for the tens of people who want to see pictures of your dogs!"  Who am I to say 'no' to a brilliant idea?


Thanks for visiting!  If you have any ideas or want to leave any feeback at the site, contact me @