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The Innocent Bystanders

When there is a birthday celebration you can always count on a couple of stragglers whining about cake.

Well, 99 wasn't whining.  But she sure looks hungry.  George on the other hand was whining all day.  I think it's because my mother never disciplines him.


More Christmas!

A couple more:


Do not open til Christmas

The girls went to Grandma's house for a couple of days.  I had to wake them up from a 24 hour nap to snap a few Christmas photos:


White Stuff? On the Ground?

Des Moines had just set a record a couple of days ago with going over 290 days without snow.  According to my math, that is just a shade under 3 years. 

So what did I do when I awoke to new fallen snow?  I sprang from bed and put my cap on the bassets.  We can now officially start the Christmas season now that we have cap laden bassets strewn about the snow.

See?  Snow!!

Bassets in caps!


Special Birthday Wishes

99 turns 11 years old today.  Here is to 11 more!

Special thanks to mom for making the extra special homemade birthday cake!  She shared it with all her basset friends.  That's how 99 rolls.

Take some time to enjoy it 99.  You deserve it.



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