Happy Mothers Day

The BassetLounge would like to wish all the mothers of the world a Happy Mothers Day.  And especially to all those poor cows with no legs you see sitting in fields.  They could be someone's mother too..

Happy Mother's Day Mama!   You're the best!

8 is Enough!

Venus turned 8 in April, as I am sure most of you know from that mass emailing of her Amazon wish list she tried to sneak past your spam filters.  I'm beginning to think getting her that Paw Pilot was a bad idea.

Photographing Venus this close to food is typically an exercise in futility.  This proved to be no exception.


The Innocent Bystanders

When there is a birthday celebration you can always count on a couple of stragglers whining about cake.

Well, 99 wasn't whining.  But she sure looks hungry.  George on the other hand was whining all day.  I think it's because my mother never disciplines him.


Bond.... James Bond...

My mother's basset Kaos turned 7 this month so my mother got her a cake and had a party for her because she loves her.  My mother didn't get me a cake until I told her I was moving out of the house.



A Tribute to Bob

The basset world lost one of its greatest ambassadors on February 21, 2012, as Ch Olde Fashion Magnificent Obsession, aka 'Bob' has passed from our world.  My dearest heartfelt sympathies go out to anyone with the priviledge of meeting Bob, especially Jane and Tom.

I know there is nothing I can say to ease their pain. What I can say is that they were so freaking lucky to get to enjoy Bob on an every day basis, and Bob was so lucky himself to be so well loved and cared for his entire life. 

Bob was the sire to my first Olde Fashion basset, Rico.  In 2005 I began emailing Jane constantly about what the dad looked like and if she had any pictures of him from the front, since the only photos Jane had on her website of Bob were from the side (aka "stacked".) I remember receiving this picture like it was yesterday.

Now THAT is a good looking basset hound.  :)


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